By purchasing a Rosa's subscription, you are agreeing to bringing something beautiful into your home- to bringing life to your kitchen table or your coffee table or your outdoor patio. You're agreeing to finding the good in every day and allowing these flowers to remind you that even on the ugly days, there's something beautiful to be thankful for.

You're also committing to email before Thursdays at noon if you need to skip your Friday delivery. If notified after 12:00pm, flowers will not be delivered and we are unable to issue a refund, reschedule or deliver to an alternative address. By purchasing a subscription, you understand that your credit card will be charged automatically and that subscriptions are a three month commitment and cannot be canceled or transferred at any time.

You understand that by purchasing a subscription you are supporting small businesses in Greenville and that there is a small business owner who will never be able to express her gratitude for your support so she'll try to convey it in fresh, beautiful, unique bouquets delivered to your door.